Je viens de te voir en rêve.


“Je viens de te voir en rêve” (I Just Saw You in a Dream) is a self-animated sculpture made of transparent hydrophilic thermoplastic polyurethane and titanium, representing the process of dream analysis.

This sculpture project gives shape to the capture and processing of human brain waves through EEG (electroencephalograms) recorded during REM sleep, in collaboration with neuroscientists.


The mapping of the brain’s electrical activity thus obtained will be interpreted by the artist into printed 4D forms, a technology that adds movement in time to 3D printing, here based on hydration levels.

Its innovative character lies in the use of a material that is still under development: a hydroactive polyurethane thermoplastic, currently used in the medical field, as well as in the capture and interpretation of brain data.

The partnership with the Ecole Centrale de Nantes allowed for the realization of the titanium 3D-printed structure.


Artist - Marion Roche
Production - MAIF
Technical and 3D Modeling - LTBL
Partners - 3d.fab, CRNL, Ecole Centrale de Nantes
Photos - Laurent GUICHARDON/MAIF
Video - InstanT Production