Let There Be Light is a multimedia creative studio specializing in the creation of interactive and immersive installations using light, video, kinetics, and other artistic media.

Founded and based in Lyon, we have an international reach. We work on our own artistic creations as well as a wide variety of projects for clients ranging from artists in need of technical guidance to digital scenography for museums.

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We’re excited to announce that Let There Be Light has joined the PlanValley family !

We are expending our network, our international reach and our area of expertise.

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Creative Technologists

With 10 years of experience in the field of culture, events, showrooms, conventions, and museums, we consider ourselves creative engineers. Our mission is to be an interface between art and technology, bridging the gap between ideas and their realization…
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Artistic Creation


Having an insider’s perspective on the art world as artists, curators, and researchers in digital art, we constantly keep abreast of emerging artists and the latest developments in the field.

Our artistic projects and works have been selected for festivals and light events worldwide, digital art biennials, and have won awards…

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Our latest projects