Our Skills

Our studio gathers permanent members as well as freelancers and a network of partners to offer a wide variety of skills and a large area of expertise. Artists, technicians, visual and sound designers, and software developers are dedicated to help you through each step of your project to create the best experience.


Artistic Direction

As multimedia artists, curators, and researchers in digital art, our projects result from the fusion of various artistic disciplines: architecture, light art, photography, performing arts, cinema, applied arts, graphic design, and sound. With a focus on the balance between technology, science, art, and philosophy, we explore the realm of artistic possibilities by leveraging digital tools to serve an idea. In fact, we constantly monitor emerging artists and the latest developments in research within the field.
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Technical Direction

With true technical expertise in the field of digital art, we mobilize human, artistic, financial, and technological resources to ensure smooth coordination throughout the progression of a project. We are capable of managing and leveraging all tools related to production, whether it’s the manufacturing method, logistics, or the quality and compatibility of materials, equipment, and software used. This allows us to create an immersive and/or interactive installation that seamlessly integrates into the desired structure.
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Immersive & Interactive Design

Interaction and immersion in all their forms (shows, installations, design, etc.) are at the heart of our approach. We use the latest sensor technologies, devices, and algorithms to make interactions as seamless as possible and create immersive multi-sensory environments. Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience in software development, video mapping, and current media servers. We also work with real-time 3D software to create the most relevant interactive and immersive experiences.
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Light Design

As lighting design experts, we develop innovative solutions for controlling LEDs and pixel-to-pixel mapping. These various techniques of digital lighting allow us to authentically highlight and stage the projects we work on. The unique immersive and interactive experiences we create aim to evoke emotions in the user or viewer.
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Sound Design

Sound plays a crucial role in the success of an immersive installation, and we have the ability to create the sound design or collaborate with sound designers who can handle the audio aspect of each project, from recording to spatialized diffusion of multi-channel sounds. Often compared to “acoustic architecture,” sound contribute in giving meaning to the scenario and visuals of the immersive setup we develop for your experience. In this way, sound design will help engage your audience in an innovative multisensory journey.
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Software Development

Software engineers by training, we develop our own custom systems that go beyond the limitations imposed by industrial devices to find the most precise and efficient solution possible. Using technology as a means to expand the realm of possibilities, we create artisanal tools to showcase this power.
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Extended Realities

Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (XR) devices are powerful perceptual tools. Being new and constantly evolving mediums, we always work with the latest technologies and have accumulated expertise in hardware solutions and programming environments, which is crucial for the successful implementation of interactive and immersive experiences. With a focus on human-computer interaction, we are particularly interested in the dialogue that is created between environments using behavioral interfaces and computer-generated imagery.
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