At Lyon Airports, eight luminous arches stand on the esplanade of Terminal 1. Inspired by the Alpine reliefs, their sleek design forms a four-meter high and wide luminous tunnel. Over a distance of seven meters, the structures change colors according to the down-tempo musical composition by Papyrus, punctuated with sounds of bells and footsteps in the snow, paying homage to the mountains. The stylized mountains shift from icy white and blue to warm tones. “Transhumance,” like the seasonal migration of herds to alpine pastures, celebrates this ancestral tradition, inviting travelers landing on the territory to embark on a journey.

The LTBL team supported the Vendredi 4 team in the technical aspect of this project.


This project utilizes DMX-controlled LED bars with 60 RGB LEDs per meter, controlled via Artnet and pixel mapping distributed through Madmapper.


Concept - Sebastien Veyre [Vendredi 4]
Creative Technologists - Benjamin Petit [LTBL]
Production - Sylvie Madamour [Vendredi 4]
Motion Design - Sebastien Veyre, Mosiaup, Salvatore Barletta [Vendredi 4]
Sound Design - Papyrus
Structure - BSBG Consulting

Un projet
LTBL x Vendredi 4
Collaboration entre LTBL et Vendredi4