To commemorate the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan, Beam’Art collaborated with artist Lisa Ishii Akari (I.C.O.N.) and Mokoto Ishii (MOTOKO ISHII LIGHTING DESIGN) on the TranJS project.


A 15 meters diameter floor projection that reacted in real-time to the position of the spectators was set up for this occasion, in the square.

The spectators were detected using a fusion of depth information obtained from 3 LIDAR devices. A fusion software was developed specifically for this project using openFrameworks. This software transmitted TUIO events to a simulation software also developed in openFrameworks.

Various scenarios were encoded using videos and still images, including particle simulations and word snakes following passersby. These interactions composed the scenes of this 12-minute interactive artwork.

The final video was then projected onto the floor using 4 dual video projectors through Madmapper.


Artists - Lisa Ishii Akari [I.C.O.N.] & Mokoto Ishii [MOTOKO ISHII LIGHTING DESIGN]
Production - I.C.O.N. Lighting
Creative Technologists - Benjamin Petit and Antoine Vanel [Beam’Art]
Technical Team - Skynight Geneva



Un projet
Beam'art to LTBL

Benjamin Petit et Antoine Vanel
fondent Beam'art en 2014
qui deviendra LTBL et Blindsp0t en 2016