Tilt is an artwork created by Nicolas Tourte and commissioned by Hermès Hong Kong.

This artwork revolves around a mosaic of screens placed in a storefront window, displaying a backdrop on which bracelets move around. These bracelets interact with physical objects such as hats, gloves, and shoes, which intercept, redirect, and bounce them on both sides of the storefront.

This installation was visible for 2 months in the airport boutique.


The video part of the project was deployed using a synchronized network of Brightsign Media Players.

The kinetic part of the installation was managed by stepper motors to vertically move, oscillate, or rotate the different elements. These motors were controlled by Phidgets drivers. The synchronization of the video and movements was ensured by a program developed in Openframeworks, which retrieved the animation of the elements from After Effects and converted it into position and speed commands for the stepper motors.


Artist - Nicolas Tourte
Creative Technologists - Benjamin Petit & Corentin Limoge [LTBL], Nicolas [LeHoop], Antoine Vanel [Blindsp0t]
Fabrication - Eric Paul [Generateur-9]
Photo/Video Credits - Eric Paul