Long Striker


On the occasion of the Hong Kong Light Festival, we developed a variation of the artwork Hi Striker.

The spectators strike the anvil with a mallet and awaken the dragon “Long”. This dragon is represented by a body composed of 80 LED hexagons that plunge into the two basins facing the Clock Tower.

The wave travels through the installation, culminating in video mapping on the tower. The dragon rises higher and higher depending on the force applied by the spectators, eventually reaching the pearl placed at the top to reveal a spectacle of lights.


The pixel mapping is controlled by a disguise media server, accompanied by an openFrameworks program that detects the intensity of the strike and sends the corresponding sequence from the server.


Creation and Development - Benjamin Petit [LTBL]
Production - Sylvie Madamour [Vendredi 4]
Music and Sound Design - Thomas Petit
Light Design - Benjamin Petit [LTBL] & Sebastien Veyre [Vendredi 4]
Video Mapping - Salvatore Barletta & Sebastien Veyre [Vendredi 4]
Technical Direction - Benjamin Petit [LTBL]




Un projet
LTBL x Vendredi 4
Collaboration entre LTBL et Vendredi4