Les Chartreux


Video mapping created for the 150th anniversary of the Chapelle des Chartreux in Lyon.


This video mapping was created using Cinema4D and After Effects. The 3D modeling of the facade was done using photogrammetry from photos and then refined in Cinema4D. Green screen footage was also captured and composited to create an interactive effect between a hand (that of the architect) and the facade.

The mapping was projected using MadMapper. The rose window was illuminated from the inside using a powerful spotlight placed at the choir. Its triggering was manually synchronized with the video.


Artists and Creative Technologists - Benjamin Petit and Antoine Vanel [Beam’Art]
Production - Vendredi-4
Video Creation / Animation / Motion Design - Benjamin Petit and Antoine Vanel [Beam’Art] / Yann Boundono / Valentin Nouvel
Sound Design - David Guerra
Technical Production - Quorum Prod & Graffity Spectacles
Video Editing - Yann Boundono



Un projet
LTBL x Vendredi 4
Collaboration entre LTBL et Vendredi4

Un projet
Beam'art to LTBL

Benjamin Petit et Antoine Vanel
fondent Beam'art en 2014
qui deviendra LTBL et Blindsp0t en 2016