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Beam’Art participated in the 2014 edition of “La Fête des Lumières de Lyon” (Festival of Lights). We presented our interactive installation on the Palais de Justice footbridge and façade.

May the force be with you, and the Palais de Justice will light up! Just like in the carnival game “Test Your Strength,” you must hit the hammer as hard and precisely as possible to create a beam of light energy that will cross the footbridge and illuminate the Palais de Justice and its 24 columns. The most talented ones will trigger a brilliant spectacle of music and light!


An openFrameworks program captures the intensity of the hit and controls a sound and lighting console accordingly.


Artists and Creative Technologists - Benjamin Petit and Antoine Vanel [Beam’Art]
Music and Sound Design - David Guerra
Lighting - Terry Di Isernia
Production - Sylvie Madamour [Vendredi 4]
Technical Production - Fa Musique






Un projet
LTBL x Vendredi 4
Collaboration entre LTBL et Vendredi4

Un projet
Beam'art to LTBL

Benjamin Petit et Antoine Vanel
fondent Beam'art en 2014
qui deviendra LTBL et Blindsp0t en 2016