Brick in the Wall


Brick in the Wall is an interactive and immersive installation created by Beam’Art. It was conceived during a 3-day workshop at the “Château de Saint-Priest” for the Labo Mapping organized by AADN. It was later presented to the public for 2 days during the “Heritage Day” on September 15th and 16th.

This installation invites the visitor into an immersive space where the bricks of a room in the castle are reproduced in video. Their movements will interact with the 270° video-projected wall and influence the specially composed sound environment. In the absence of visitors, the bricks live their own lives like an autonomous school of fish.


The installation uses custom-developed software to redraw 2D bricks onto an existing surface and extrude them into 3D. These bricks are then reprojected onto the surface using Madmapper.

Another software is used to capture the movements of visitors through a Kinect, transmitting the movements to the brick simulation software developed with Openframeworks, and to Ableton Live to influence effects and produce a constantly new sound environment.


Artists and Creative Technologists - Benjamin Petit [LTBL], Antoine Vanel [Blindsp0t]
Sound Designer - Antoine Vanel [Blindsp0t]

Un projet
Beam'art to LTBL

Benjamin Petit et Antoine Vanel
fondent Beam'art en 2014
qui deviendra LTBL et Blindsp0t en 2016